Take your butt out and finally do something! The Four Questions to Ask Yourself to Start Anything.

Take your butt out and finally do something! The Four Questions to Ask Yourself to Start Anything.

We at La Pittura want to focus more on blogging and bringing you on our journey. We are a small business in every sense of the word and hopefully one day will be living the American Dream. In this blog we hope to focus on On The Job/A Day In the Life (Our experiences building a business), NYC, Crafts, New Promotions, and our favorite subject WINE! Please enjoy our first entry and let us know what you think!

 I've always wanted to start a blog but.....and then the "anti-me" talk begins. I don't have a cute Mac laptop on a meticulous white desk with a coffee cup and a succulent. I don't take great pics. I don't DIY, I don't craft, I don't make Disney themed bento box lunches for my kid, I don't have skills, I don't do anything worth of writing about. Woah. And then the "what ifs?" Start pouring in. What if no one reads it? What if it's not interesting? What if it's grammatically incorrect more often then not? What if I'm completely wrong about something? What if?


I stop and give myself a little spank. What if I changed my what if? What if I don't care what people think? What if I just do it so I can stop wondering what if? What if my blog post reaches one person and helps them do the one thing they’ve been putting off?


So here’s my four simple questions to ask yourself so I sound like a legitimate blogger and you can finally get your butt out there:


Why are you afraid/What are you afraid of?

In this case I’m afraid of sounding like Donald Trump when he said he spoke with the President of the US Virgin Islands.


Is this going to hurt anyone mentally or physically?

Nope but This we’ll definitely take two minutes out of their lives they’ll never get back.


What do you need to get started?

B***h, write...duh


What is your purpose for doing this?

To connect with people and potentially help someone.


So there it is. Purpose trumps doubt. And so here it is, six weeks in the making because I’ve just been too scared to hit publish. But I’m taking my butt and putting it out there. Now it’s your turn. Take your butt out and do something, then take your butt out and celebrate.

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