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🎨 A Brief Brush with History: Once upon a time, in a land of spilled paints and scattered brushes, Art Therapy Studio came to life. Our journey began to the rhythm of New York City's subway beats and now takes place in sun-soaked sunsets of Orlando, Florida. We're here for a good time so we are not licensed therapists but we will listen to you complain about your spouse, kids or your life like this 😳 or 🤨 and sometimes 🫤😧🥴 but that's just our art face. 

🖌 Our Colorful Crew: Meet the gang! Well, it's just me, an abstract-loving, finger-painting fanatic who believes it's better to spill paint, not feelings. 

Our Philosophy: We believe that everyone has an inner artist trapped inside. Sometimes it just takes a bit of paint, a blank canvas, and a slight accidental splatter on the face to bring it out.

🖼 What We Do (Apart from Cleaning Paint Stains): We bring out your inner child, artist, and meditator all in one go. Whether you’re looking to create a masterpiece or just splatter paint and call it "modern art", we're here for you. Your clothes, your rules!

💭 Our Dream: To see a world where everyone swaps their briefcases for art kits, and board meetings involve more doodling than you'd expect. Oh, and where every fridge is a proud gallery of your artwork.

FAQs (Because we know you're curious):

  1. Do I need to be an artist to join? No! Just like you don’t need to be a fish to enjoy the water. But please, don’t try to live underwater.

  2. What if I accidentally paint someone? We like to call that "interactive art". Just make sure they’re okay with becoming a walking masterpiece.

  3. Can I bring my cat? As much as we adore furry art critics, we'd like to avoid any "cat-astrophes" with paint!

So, if you’re looking to brush off some stress, palette your problems away, or just roll in some fun, you’ve found your canvas haven. Get ready to add color to your world, one brushstroke at a time!

P.S. Any resemblance to famous artists, alive or in paintings, is purely coincidental. And no, we don’t offer courses in deciphering abstract art... yet! 

Plan your next Birthday party, bachlorette party, wedding/baby shower, date night or just a regular, schmegular night out! 


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Phone: (917) 497-0931


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